About Us:

NudeTini, Inc. is an online creator and retailer of fun naughty swimwear. We’ve created a unique bikini top that creates the illusion of a wet T-Shirt. We designed our swimsuit to have that “WOW” factor, and you will notice that double take when wearing our NudeTini Look. To incorporate the full naked touch, we also created a denim swim bottom to work with the entire naughty look.

We enjoy life to the fullest; laughing out loud, socializing, and promoting entrepreneurship. Our idea came to us during a girls trip to Mexico where we wanted to go topless, but the rules and signs at the resort said “Not Allowed,” so we came up with the idea to create a quality swimsuit that would give the illusion of being nude. We agreed to move forward and cheered with Martinis, thus “NudeTini.






So if you want to stay at the forefront of your NAUGHTY side, there’s no need to go anywhere else.

Now go get NUDETINI’D today