Why NudeTini Top?  We took a lot of care in bringing our product to the market.  We wanted to provide a well fit bikini (top & bottom).  Our areola/nipple (NudeTini Nipple or NN) is a REAL living breathing pair of girls; we used a real model to bring that realistic touch to our product.  We searched high and low for the perfect Nipple!!  What a FUN job we have!!!!

How do I know what color tone top to purchase?  As you know, we cannot match everyone’s exact tone, we created a light, medium, and dark skin tones for our tops.  This is really your preference in what you'd like to achieve as your personal look. 

When would I use this NAUGHTY product?  Anytime you feel naughty!!!  Resorts, lakes, spring break, bridal showers, Sturgis, outdoor events, in the bedroom, etc.  Be assured you will bring the fun to the PARTAY!!!!

Why Jean shorts?  We wanted that real Wet-T-Shirt feel by producing a bikini jean bottom.  Picture this… You’re at the lake wearing your jean shorts, and now you’re feeling FREE, well now your bikini top will give you that wet-t shirt look.  Now just sit and watch all the double-take looks!! Why wear real cotton jeans when you can now have the look and enjoy the comfort of Polyester and Spandex.  

What is the material? Our products are made out of a Polyester/Spandex material which is breathable and comfortable.  Most people do not realize that there are many types of Polyester and we have chosen a soft, flexible, durable and a resistant fabric so you can be active while enjoying activities.  

What new product do we have under our breasts?  Stay tuned; we are loaded with more FUN ideas with a few currently in the making.

Care Instructions:  Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, hang dry is recommended.

How do I return my product?  Please see our NudeTini Return Policy.  Click HERE https://nudetini.com/pages/return-policy/

How else can our customers, believers, and supporters make this happen? 

Thank you for your support for women-owned businesses